A Day in the Life of a Chipmunk

July 7, 2015

The day began with Mama perched high and looking down.  But at what you ask?

Jul7 (1 of 15)

As I walked around the building to get a better view, I found Alvin on the parking lot enjoying breakfast.Jul7 (2 of 15)

High above, Mama was watching and several crows were bugging her.

Jul7 (3 of 15)

Mama took off with the now-familiar no-wing flap dive with a Crow in hot pursuit.

Jul7 (5 of 15)

Mama slowed her descent and came up from under a tree… (still too fast for the camera)

Jul7 (6 of 15)

and went after Alvin.  But Alvin somehow got tipped off and started running.


Mama gave chase but gave up as quickly as it started.  I guess Mama lost the element of surprise.


With the danger passed, Alvin went back for seconds.
Jul7 (14 of 15)

Jul7 (15 of 15)Ciao



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