I’m Looking Thru You

Nov 10, 2015

As the leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool, Raleigh’s Red-tails seem to become more ‘visible’.

But when one of them stares down at you, it can be pretty intimidating.

RR2015 (3 of 4)

Both Papa and Mama RT are around and I’ve seen them in the ‘usual’ locations.  This is good, but doesn’t mean they’ll be back.

The usual residents still don’t like them 🙂

At the Capitol

RR2015 (5 of 11)

On the antenna tower

RR2015 (6 of 11)

Around the Wells Fargo

RR2015 (1 of 11)RR2015 (7 of 11) RR2015 (9 of 11)

On Goldie

RR2015 (2 of 11) At the Church Cross
RR2015 (1 of 4)


RR2015 (11 of 11) Downtown Raleigh is still home to them but, will they nest here next year?






4 thoughts on “I’m Looking Thru You

  1. Hi Jason.
    I just saw the RT pair at lunch time flying over the Dept of Public Instruction Bldg. (N. Wilmington and Lane Sts.) Beautiful!

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