Is this their kid?

August 2

The adult Red-tails have been very visible these past 2 weeks in downtown, even hanging out in one of their former preening stations.  The cross by the First Baptist on Morgan and Wilmington streets. They’re also on the antenna atop the Library and on the BB&T.

RT0801 (1 of 1)-2 RT0801 (1 of 5) RT0801 (4 of 5) RT0801 (5 of 5)

Last friday, I heard a distinct wail of a hungry Red-tail eyas by the Duke Energy Performing arts.  I didn’t have time to check it out then, but today, i took a walk by the Red Hat Amphitheater and heard that same wailing again.  I checked it out and saw a juvenile.

Here’s the youngling.  The adults were quite close at the BB&T and Library but did NOT give chase.

RT0801 Eyas RT0801 eyas1


Is this their kid?

We’ll see if this fella visits downtown.




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