Here are the kids

August 24

So Mama and Papa RT snuck one under us this year, raising their young far away from the eyes of the hawkarattzzi 🙂

Time to relax a bit.  Mama preens at a familiar location.

RT0822_24 (1 of 12)

Oui, mama. Oui c’est moi!

RT0822_24 (4 of 12)

And the kids have a fun day soaring above downtown Raleigh.

RT0822_24 (5 of 12)

I not sure why one of them has its talons out and head feathers ruffled.  Is the other guy not Ohana (famil)?

or an intruder and must be banished from their territory or are they just practicing their hunting skills?

RT0822_24 (7 of 12)

Papa takes a break at the ol’ nesting site.  Interesting to see him here.

RT0822_24 (9 of 12)

And one of the kids, up close.

RT0822_24 (10 of 12)
how long will they stay in downtown?  remember, these were raised away from the city so they may not stay long here.

we’ll see.



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