Millenium Falcon

Feb 1, 2017

The resident Red-tails have not been very visible lately.  A few days of no sightings, then today, Papa came flying in over the Marriott




and landed on the Red Hat building


Mama soon appeared on the BB&T.


Then I saw this really fast-flying bird circling around the PNC building.


I thought it was a Coopers or another Red-tail, but it was just zipping along really fast.  Too big to be a pigeon, to agile to be a turkey vulture.

falcon2017-5-of-7 falcon2017-6-of-7 falcon2017-7-of-7

I took a few shots and checked for Mama and Papa.  They were gone from their respective perches.

Did they give chase?

Nope.  After all, this ship makes 0.5 past light speed and made the Kessel run in 14 parsecs.  TWELVE!

For Star Wars fans, you know what this is :).



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