After the Rain

April 26

After getting soaked for almost 3 days, the sun finally came out and so did the Red-tails.

The crows wasted no time and harassed them.  I say them because both Mama and Papa were in the air and I might have seen a 3rd RT.

A juvenile they were trying to shoo away.  It could be one of their own from last year. But, that’s just a hunch.

So if they’re both out here… who’s watching the nest?  Do they have one this year?

Here’s Mama on the left and Papa on the right.  Both had the same idea.  Who’s going to get there first?

Mine… No, Mine…!!!!

Sorry, Papa.

It could have been like this.  There’s enough for both.

Then a bit later.  Mama on the East corner of the Wells.

Some RT on the South, not sure if this was Papa

Mama flew to the south and the other fella took off.

Of course, the Kestrels didn’t want them near.

In the past, Mama and Papa would leave the nest briefly unprotected.  The eyasses, if any would already be about 2 weeks old at this time of year, so not entirely defenseless.

Still dont’ know where the nest is.  Some person sighted a RT carrying a squirrel flying in the SW direction, but that could be anywhere 😦




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