Hungry Birds

July 28, 2017

The day started out with one of the parents hanging out on the antenna.  I’m not 100% sure who, but I figured it was Papa.

Meanwhile, one of the kids was on the Wells, apparently waiting for breakfast.

Papa hopped to the other antenna and eventually took flight.  The kid flew in from the Wells and took his place.

Papa flew back in and ‘talked’ with his kid.

I’m not sure what the conversation was about but it sure looked like Papa wanted them to start hunting on their own.

Papa flew off and eventually, the kid did the same.

He mingled with the pigeons!

Then almost crashed with a Turkey Vulture

But after an hour later, Papa did not deliver breakfast and junior was furious!  He went straight to Papa!!!

Papa would have none of this attitude and pounced right back at junior.  That should teach him a lesson or two!

Hey, junior, remember I AM YOUR FATHER !

Later in the afternoon, Mama was at the BB&T.

And one of the kids was at the antenna and soon,

Later, his sibling joined in.  Both were wailing for food.  Their wails were so LOUD you can hear them from street level!

But mama did nothing.  One of the kids took off and landed on the BB&T and wailed even more.  Mama still did nothing.  Maybe she fed them later on in the day, IDK.

Yep.  It’s about that time they started to hunt.  Can’ beak feed them for too long!



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