In the Spring of 2011, two Red-tailed hawks took up residency next to the Capitol in downtown Raleigh.  The pair had 4 eyasses (the fab-four) in 2011 who successfully fledged.  Last year, they had 3 (Wynken, Blynken and Nod).  This year, they’ve geared up for another breeding season.

This blog highlight’s the pair’s life here in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.


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  1. Visited this morning around 8am – appeared to be a “visitor” hawk on the nest? Immature in appearance, sitting in the nest, preening. Watched for 15 or more minutes with another, very experienced birder. We saw no parental activity, fly-bys, food drops – most concerning and confusing. Any thoughts? Thank you very much, your blog posts are clever and your photographs very exciting!

    • I’m not sure about a visitor hawk. There’s a juvenile from last year who still hangs around. The juvenile was allowed close before the eggs hatched. now that there are young ones in the nest, Mama and Papa doesn’t let the juvenile close.
      you’ll need to sometimes stay an hour. between 7-8 AM there usually is activity as well as between 11-1.

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