Millenium Falcon

Feb 1, 2017 The resident Red-tails have not been very visible lately.  A few days of no sightings, then today, Papa came flying in over the Marriott and landed on the Red Hat building Mama soon appeared on the BB&T. Then I saw this really fast-flying bird circling around the PNC building. I thought it…

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RT0719 (9 of 13)

Mama’s and Papa’s RT

July 19th The Red-tails seem to be making more regular appearances in downtown Raleigh at places once forbidden by the Kestrels. Could it be because the Kestrels are no longer in town?  Tha’s my theory, but I saw a Kestrel the other day but it didn’t chase the Red-tails. up close – yep. it’s a…

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RR2015 (3 of 4)

I’m Looking Thru You

Nov 10, 2015 As the leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool, Raleigh’s Red-tails seem to become more ‘visible’. But when one of them stares down at you, it can be pretty intimidating. Both Papa and Mama RT are around and I’ve seen them in the ‘usual’ locations.  This is good, but doesn’t mean they’ll be back.…

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mar12 (3 of 19)

Sky Blue with a Splash of Red

March 6, 2015 On my way home, I saw this fella on a familiar camera post.  It was Papa, but, nope. He wasn’t going back to the ol’ nest. Off Papa flew… I know not where.March 12, 2015 I haven’t seen Mama or Papa in a while and of course!  At this time of the…

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feb19 (2 of 7)

Nary a Creature in Sight

Feb 19 It was a blamy 🙂 12 degress as I took my morning stroll at the Capitol.  Nary a creature in sight except for a solitary Blue-jay chirping away in the distance. The fountains around the Capitol were running and it was quite interesting to see.    By lunch time, I thought the ice…

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Landing (10 of 30)

Landing 101

  Feb 6 2015 Red-tails have been quite active in the past week.  I saw a hawk in the distance by Moore Square Park. It was circling and then headed west.  I took a guess that he’d be landing at the spire.   They make it look easy 🙂 Ciao JP

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