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Protecting Home Turf

I haven’t seen our Red-tail friends in a week and the presence of a juvenile in the Capitol worries me.   There’s been no additional work on the nest in the past few weeks and the leaves seem to be thriving despite the cold. Some Coopers are around.  This guy just blew thru a bunch…

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Red and Cooper

mar 31 Early morning, I saw Mama flying then landing on the BB&T.  I guess Papa’s at the nest. At around lunch time, I searched the skies for our Red-tail friends and thought I saw both of them in the air.  But to my surprise, it wasn’t even a Red-tail It was a Cooper’s hawk.…

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Home 3 Visitors 7

Jan 27 Yep.  The residents are catching up.  I’ve seen them downtown 3 days in a row.  But there’s competition… Turkey Vultures have been very active around the Wells but, being scavengers, they don’t directly compete. Jan 28 It’s birds like this Cooper’s hawk  who has been quite visible in downtown lately. Pigeons are always…

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Visitors 7 Home 0

Jan 22, 2015 And the visitors just keep on scoring.  No one on the home court for defense. Early moring at the Capitol.  The Visitor… Relaxing… the equivalent of us humans crossing our legs Noon time …  A Cooper’s hawk.  Transient or looking for territory? Well, if the Cooper’s looking for territory, he won’t find…

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