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Here are the kids

August 24 So Mama and Papa RT snuck one under us this year, raising their young far away from the eyes of the hawkarattzzi ūüôā Time to relax a bit. ¬†Mama preens at a familiar location. Oui, mama.¬†Oui c’est moi! And the kids have a fun day soaring above downtown Raleigh. I not sure why…

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Hide and Seek

Feb 11 2015 just before the day ended and I was about to go home empty; ie no images of the Red-tails, I took a quick look at the spire… Lo and behold. A Red-tail.¬† As I took some photos (thru dirty glass and pointing way, way up), I noticed a small bump on the…

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Back to Stay?

Dec 18 It’s been a while since I’ve last seen Mama and Papa – even longer.¬† The last Red-tail that’s been quite present around the Capitol has been the Visitor.¬† On my way home today, I looked up in the distance atGoldie Hen but it looked like there was something else on it.¬† Could it…

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Dec12 (14 of 22)

Just Plain Greedy

December 12, 2014 Ah, what glorious sunshine and not too cold. ¬† Perfect for a quick walk on the Capitol. ¬†But, before that… A quick peek outside. ¬†Somehawk was out there. ¬†Who? Hard to tell. At the Capitol, I heard a faint noise… that of a squirrel… something that they do when in distress. ¬†I…

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Have Vacancy… Will Occupy

December 3 Today’s weather was even worse.¬† It was foggy the entire morning and cloudy all day. ¬†I didn’t think I would see our RT visitor at the Capitol, but I was wrong. There he was again, poking his nose into squirrel nests.   I didnt’ take many shots as he flew out and landed…

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Hawk VS Food

Aug 28 Sightings of the Red-tails have been few and far in between and today, as I drove in, I saw one hawk at the SECU building. ¬†Before I could even walk to the SECU building, it took off on a steep dive. ¬† A minute later, Mama emerged with food in hand. Throughout the…

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