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Are these your kids?

August 5, 2016 The wailing was in stereo so it’s got to be more than 1 eyas. Here’s #1: and #2.   Meanwhile, Mama and Papa were nearby… Hmmm…. not sure what training this is. Ciao    

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Mama’s and Papa’s RT

July 19th The Red-tails seem to be making more regular appearances in downtown Raleigh at places once forbidden by the Kestrels. Could it be because the Kestrels are no longer in town?  Tha’s my theory, but I saw a Kestrel the other day but it didn’t chase the Red-tails. up close – yep. it’s a…

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Kestrels… for now

The resident Red-tails are certainly still in the area, but I’ve had no luck locating their nest, if they even have one this year. For now, a pair of Kestrels are nesting in downtown.  They’re small and hard to spot, but just as interesting. Daddy kestrel doing the ‘walk’. Both of them on the antenna…

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Protecting Home Turf

I haven’t seen our Red-tail friends in a week and the presence of a juvenile in the Capitol worries me.   There’s been no additional work on the nest in the past few weeks and the leaves seem to be thriving despite the cold. Some Coopers are around.  This guy just blew thru a bunch…

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Feb04 (6 of 7)

Episode VI: The Return of the Red Tail

This will be the 6th year of tracking our Red-tail friends in Downtown Raleigh.  While last year was a dud, we’re hoping this year they will come back. There’s been some work on the nest but who? Both Mama and Papa were at the Capitol yesterday and a juvenile was there today.  This looks like…

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Do You See What I See?

Happy 2016! Our Red-tail friends are still in town. Can you find them here at the Wells? Hint: look at both ends of the bldg. On another note, here’s the nest from February 2015 And here’s the nest today. Seems puffier but who’s been doing the work? Ciao

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RR2015 (3 of 4)

I’m Looking Thru You

Nov 10, 2015 As the leaves begin to fall and temperatures cool, Raleigh’s Red-tails seem to become more ‘visible’. But when one of them stares down at you, it can be pretty intimidating. Both Papa and Mama RT are around and I’ve seen them in the ‘usual’ locations.  This is good, but doesn’t mean they’ll be back.…

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