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Here are the kids

August 24 So Mama and Papa RT snuck one under us this year, raising their young far away from the eyes of the hawkarattzzi 🙂 Time to relax a bit.  Mama preens at a familiar location. Oui, mama. Oui c’est moi! And the kids have a fun day soaring above downtown Raleigh. I not sure why…

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Are these your kids?

August 5, 2016 The wailing was in stereo so it’s got to be more than 1 eyas. Here’s #1: and #2.   Meanwhile, Mama and Papa were nearby… Hmmm…. not sure what training this is. Ciao    

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Is this their kid?

August 2 The adult Red-tails have been very visible these past 2 weeks in downtown, even hanging out in one of their former preening stations.  The cross by the First Baptist on Morgan and Wilmington streets. They’re also on the antenna atop the Library and on the BB&T. Last friday, I heard a distinct wail…

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Mama’s and Papa’s RT

July 19th The Red-tails seem to be making more regular appearances in downtown Raleigh at places once forbidden by the Kestrels. Could it be because the Kestrels are no longer in town?  Tha’s my theory, but I saw a Kestrel the other day but it didn’t chase the Red-tails. up close – yep. it’s a…

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Kestrels… for now

The resident Red-tails are certainly still in the area, but I’ve had no luck locating their nest, if they even have one this year. For now, a pair of Kestrels are nesting in downtown.  They’re small and hard to spot, but just as interesting. Daddy kestrel doing the ‘walk’. Both of them on the antenna…

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